Option 1: Released Rate Liability 

This is a basic protection included at no extra charge, as set by the Transportation Act, and is limited to $0.60 per pound per article, based on the actual weight of the carton or item with a max of $50.00 CDN per item.   Customer packed goods are carried at their own risk unless there is visible damage to the carton.  

Option 2: Enhanced Value Protection

This option provides enhanced protection for your belongings based on the valuation of the estimated weight of belongings at $10.00 per pound per article. Enhanced Value Protection charges are included as an optional charge in your quote. You may increase the value but not decrease the minimum valuation that is determined by the estimated weight of your shipment. Damage to a single item is limited to $2500 CDN and must be identified to the movers prior to handling and itemized on the bill of lading.
  • Items of Extraordinary Value - Items valued much higher than $10.00 per pound per article are considered“extraordinary value” and must be declared and indicated on the bill of lading under instructions.  Extraordinary value items must be professionally packed and/or crated by the mover or his agent before moving.


Terms & Conditions:

  • 1. Particle Board Furniture – Due to the inherent nature of furniture made from particle board, it cannot be safely moved unless the owner, prior to the move, has disassembled it. Ray’s Moving & Storage cannot be responsible for any damage resulting from disassembly, assembly, relocation and/or transportation of particle board furniture.
    2. Flat Screen T.V.’s – If you do not purchase the appropriate carton or have the original carton and do not have T.V. (s) packed properly, Ray’s Moving & Storage cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur from the relocation and/or transportation of these items.
    3. Glass, Pictures, Lamps & Lampshades – If glass, pictures, lamps & lampshades are not packed but the owner requests to have any of the items above relocated and/or transported, Ray’s Moving & Storage cannot be responsible for any damage resulting from the relocation and/or transportation of these items.
    4. Jewelry, stamps, watches, currency, precious stones & metals, dangerous goods, government issued documents (passports, birth certificates etc.) and perishables such as food, plants etc. are excluded. You are strongly advised to take these items with you. The customer also takes full responsibility for any damaged/damages that may be caused from any packed by customer/owner or company packed items containing any of the items listed above.